Month: June 2016

NGC 3572

NGC 3572 NGC 3572 is a star cluster situated near a molecular cloud in Carina about 6500 light year distance. These stars are young and massive and are only expected to live a few million years and explode as supernovae. These stars have shaped the red cloud into amazingly convoluted shapes by their powerful radiation. […]

NGC 5792

NGC 5792 NGC 5792 is a barred spiral galaxy in Libra about 83 MLY distance. This is an overall faint galaxy . The spiral arms coming from the centre appear to form a continuous outer ring around the galaxy. The bright star on the edge is a foreground star. Telescope.   16 Inch F4.5 Newtonian. Camera. S […]

NGC 5128 (Centaurus)

NGC 5128 (Centaurus A) NGC 5128 is a peculiar galaxy in Centaurus. An unusual elongated galaxy crossed by a huge dust lane. Sections of the dust lane comprises of yellowish stars, however younger blue stars can be seen at the edges of the dust cloud which indicates recent star formation, which is unexpected in an elliptical […]