Month: August 2016

NGC 4603

NGC 4603 NGC 4603 is a spiral galaxy in Centaurus and is a member of the Centaurus Cluster of galaxies at a distance of 108 MLY. Many other background galaxies are scattered in the field. Using Cepheid variable stars, NGC 4603 is the most distance galaxy measured by the Hubble Key Project Team for an accurate measurement of […]

NGC 4038-39 (Antennae Galaxy)

NGC 4038-39 (The Antennae Galaxy) The Antennae galaxy is a pair of interacting galaxies, showing two broadly curved tails of stars extending considerable distance, in Corvus at a distance of 45 MLY. They are currently going through a starburst phase causing rapid star formation. The nuclei of the two galaxies are joining to become one […]

M 62

M 62 M 62 is a globular cluster in Ophiuchus at a distance of 22500 LY and contains a high number of variable stars, most RR Lyrae type. M 62 is the most asymmetric globular cluster known. Telescope.  16 Inch F 4.5 Newtonian. Camera.  S Big ST 4000 XCM OSC CCD. Exposure and Date.  12 […]