Month: February 2017

N 70 (Heinze 70) LMC

N 70 (Heinze 70) LMC. N 70 is a luminous bubble of interstellar gas about 300 LY across. Hot massive stars and supernovae at the centre have produced this huge bubble of gas, leaving the interior filled with hot, tenuous expanding gas. These bubbles appear in other LMC type galaxies. Image is cropped to 60 […]

NGC 1954

NGC 1954 NGC 1954 is a barred spiral galaxy in Lepus at a distance of 144 MLY. This galaxy, with a faint ring structure, is over twice the size of the Milky Way. NGC 1954 is interacting with the close galaxy NGC 1957 (top right). A faint bridge of material can be seen between the two […]