Month: March 2017

Abell 1060 (Hydra 1)

Abell 1060 (Hydra 1) Abell 1 is a faint galaxy cluster In Hydra at around a distance of 140 MLY. NGC 3312 is the spiral galaxy in between the 2 bright fore ground stars. This image only covers a small part of a much larger galaxy cluster. NGC 3314 (top middle) is a unique alignment […]

NGC 2359 (Thor’s Helmet)

NGC 2359 (Thor’s Helmet) This helmet shaped cosmic cloud known as Thor’s Helmet is part of a larger complex at about 15,000 light years distance in Canis Major. An interstellar bubble (The helmet) blown as a fast wind from an extremely hot giant Wolf- Rayet star on the verge of going super nova. F O V. […]

Sextans A

Sextans A Sextans A is a tiny dwarf irregular galaxy in Sextans at a close 4.3 MLY distance and only about 5000 light years across. Sextans A has a peculiar square shape and is covered by young blue stars which shows this galaxy is very active in star formation. The bright yellow star in the […]