Month: April 2017

NGC 4650 A

NGC 4650 A. NGC 4650 A is a polar-ring lenticular galaxy at a distance of 130 MLY in Centaurus. NGC 4650 A is only one of 100 known polar- ring galaxies, composed of an old central group of stars and a young ring of stars rotating farther out . These unusual structures are possibility the […]

NGC 4027 (Arp 22)

NGC 4027  (Arp 22) NGC 4027 is a barred spiral galaxy at a distance of 83 MLY in Corvus. It is identified as a peculiar galaxy because one of its arms extends out further than the others, most probably due to a gravitational effect of a smaller galaxy in the distance past. NGC 4027 is […]

NGC 2835

NGC 2835 NGC 2835 is a beautiful face-on spiral galaxy in Hydra at a distance of 35 MLY. The blue spiral arms are the result of young hot star formation while the central region is yellowish from an older generation of stars. Cropped to 37% of the 25 x 25 min of arc F. O. […]