Month: August 2017

NGC 6781

NGC 6781 NGC 6781 is good example of a colourful planetary nebula in Aquila at about 2600 light years distance and approximately 2 light years across. NGC 6781 has an apparent diameter of 2 arc minutes and has a hot blue central star of about 100,000 degrees C. F. O V.   25 x 25 minutes […]

Abell 65

Abell 65 Abell 65 is an elongated 2 arc minute long planetary nebula in Sagittarius at an estimated distance of 3800 light years. It is believed that the binary central star system is responsible for its unusual shape. A recent study has placed Abell 65 as a unique double shelled peanut shaped planetary nebula with a […]

NGC 5850 – NGC 5846

NGC 5850 – 5846 NGC 5850 – 5846 are an interesting example of 2 different types of galaxies, side by side , barred spiral and elliptical galaxies in Virgo at a distance about 80 MLY. The small galaxy to the left is NGC 5845. There are 2 small, faint spirals and a brighter small elliptical […]

M 16 (The Eagle Nebula)

M 16  (The Eagle Nebula) M 16 is a young star cluster surrounded by natal clouds of dust and glowing gas. “The Pillars of Creation” dense, dusty columns rising near the centre are light years long and are slowly forming stars. M16 contains several active star forming gas and dust regions. This huge cloud of […]

IC 4765 (AGC 805)

IC 4765 (AGC 805) This cluster of distance galaxies is dominated by the huge bright elliptical galaxy IC 4765 which is in Pavo  at a distance of about 200 MLY. This cluster of galaxies is part of the huge Pavo – Indus super cluster of galaxies. The background appears blotchy due to extremely faint Milky Way […]

NGC 5921

NGC 5921. NGC 5921 is a barred spiral galaxy in Serpens Caput at a distance of about 70 MLY. It’s lightly wrapped spiral arms have formed a ring and have several faint red H11 regions along the arms. There are also several interesting background galaxies in the field. F. O. V.   25 x 25 minutes […]