Month: October 2017

NGC 7214 (Hickson 91)

NGC 7214 (Hickson 91) An interesting group of distant galaxies with NGC 7214 being the large prominent spiral galaxy with its spiral arms being grossly distorted. This group is at a distance of 320 MLY in the constellation of Piscis  Austrinus. The whole field is littered with faint distant background galaxies. F O V.   25 […]

NGC 6935 – 37.

NGC 6935-37 Two interesting galaxies in Indus at about 200 MLY distance. NGC 6935 (left) shows a tight squarish blue ring of star formation. NGC 6937 is a face-on spiral with faint loose arms. These 2 galaxies are not gravitational connected to each other. F O V.    25 x 25 minutes of arc. Telescope.  16 […]

NGC 6726 – 27

NGC 6726 – 27 NGC 6726 – 27 are 2 nebulae in a huge complex in Corona Australis. This image is only a small section of the complex. A small patch of red nebulosity (HH101) is probably jets emitted from still hidden stars in the dust clouds. The dark nebula (Bernes 157) is so dense that stars cannot […]

ESO 235 – 55.

ESO 235 – 55 ESO 235 is the face-on spiral galaxy in this interesting line of galaxies showing different types and orientation in the constellation of Indus. F O V.    25 x 25 minutes of arc. Telescope.   16 Inch F 4.5 Newtonian. Camera    S Big ST 4000 XCM OSC CCD. Exposures and Dates.   12 x […]

NGC 520 (Arp 157)

NGC 520 (Arp 157) NGC 520 is a pair of colliding galaxies in Pisces. These galaxies started their collision about 300 million years ago and are in the middle stage of merging. The promenade features of NGC 520 are its distorted shape and a well defined dust lane. A faint broad tail extends below the […]