Month: March 2018

NGC 2207 & IC 2163

  NGC 2207 & IC 2163 NGC 2207 and IC 2163 are a pair of colliding spiral galaxies in Canis Major at about 80 MLY distance.  The smaller galaxy (IC 2163) is passing behind the larger galaxy as evident by the dust lane superimposed on the smaller galaxy from the larger one. F.O.V.    25 x […]

SH2-302 (Gum 6)

SH2 – 302 (Gum 6) SH2 – 302 is a very faint emission nebula in Puppis at a distance of about 5900 light years. Near the bottom right corner ( VdB97 ) a blue reflection nebula. NGC 2409 is a small star cluster of about 20 stars (Top Middle) ( 2 frame mosaic.) F. O. V.   […]

NGC 2579

NGC 2579 NGC 2579 is a high surface brightness Galactic H11 region that has largely been neglected because its misclassification as either planetary nebula or reflection nebula and even its confusion with other nearby objects. NGC 2579 is about 40,000 light years distance in the constellation of Puppis. F.O.V.   Cropped to 40% of the 25 x […]