Month: January 2019

Fornax Dwarf Galaxy.

Fornax Dwarf Galaxy. The Fornax Dwarf Spheroidal is an elliptical Dwarf galaxy in Fornax at a distance of 456,000 light years. This galaxy is much brighter and larger than the Carina Dwarf and is one of many dwarf galaxies in the neighbourhood of the Milky Way. This galaxy has 6 globular clusters, only 3 are […]

M 77 & NGC 1055

M 77 & NGC 1055. M 77 (top)  is a barred spiral Seyfert galaxy with an active Galactic Nucleus . M77 is in Cetus and at a distance of 47 MLY. NGC 1055 is a prominent member of the M77 Group. An edge-on spiral galaxy crossed by a dark dust lane and an unusual boxy […]