Month: March 2019

Cometary Globules 30-31-38.

CG 30-31-38. Cometary globules are typically characterised by dusty heads and elongated tails, features that resemble comets, but are very much different. Within these Cometary globules are cores of cold gas and dust that is collapsing to form low mass stars. In fact the top most globule has a small (star size) reddish glow near […]

NGC 2359 ( Thor’s Helmet)

NGC 2359 (Thor’s Helmet) NGC 2359 is an emission nebula, helmet shaped cosmic cloud known as Thor’s Helmet. It is part of a larger complex at about 12,000 light years distance in Canis Major. An interstellar bubble (the helmet) blown as a fast wind from an extremely hot giant Wolf-Rayet star (WR7) on the verge […]

Gum 22 and Gum 23.

Gum 22,23. Gum 22 and 23 are giant active star forming regions on the edge of a giant molecular cloud in Vela. RCW 38 cluster is less than one million years old and contains hundreds of very hot O,B class stars. These nebulae are at a distance of 5500 light years. F.O.V.   66 x 44 mm […]