Month: April 2021

Abell 31 (SH2 – 290)

Abell 31. Abell 31¬†is an ancient and one of the largest (17 arc minutes) planetary nebula in the sky, but rather quite¬†faint. Abell 31 is in the constellation of Cancer and at a distance of about 2000 light years. There are numerious faint background galaxies, some shining through Abell 31, but the most interesting one […]

NGC 3621

NGC 3621 NGC 3621 is a spiral galaxy in Hydra and at a distance of 22 MLY. The central section of NGC 3621 is quite bright and full of detail, however the extended spiral arms are very faint. A small face – on spiral (left edge of galaxy) PGC 344490 is at mag 16 and […]

Abell 1060

Abell 1060 The 2 bright 5th and 7th stars tend to dominate the field with bright haloes. However the subject is Abell 1060 a distance cluster of galaxies in Hydra at about 165 MLY distance. Abell 1060 is a member of the Hydra- Centaurus Super Cluster, dominated by a pair of giant ellipticals, NGC 3309 and NGC […]