16 Inch F4.5 Newtonian Telescope.


16 inch F4.5 Newtonian Telescope

The Top End.

The top end is an aluminium welded truss structure,light weight but very stiff. The 16 inch F4.5 mirror and an oversized secondary were made by Mark Suchting.


The heavily built German Equatorial Mount is also home built with the help of Peter Mellander who manufactured all the parts and assembled to a very smooth and accurate working mount.


The electronics that drive the mount is an FS2 unit from Astro Electronic,a German company that manufactures high end equipment. Two stepper motors with 2 stage planetary gearbox drive the RA and Dec gears.


The camera is a one shot colour camera, ST 4000 from S Big. The 15.2mm x 15.2mm chip produces an 25 x 25 arc min. image through the 16 inch F4.5.


I use an electric Moonlite focuser with a high-res stepper motor that is controlled from the laptop and also a Bahtinou Mask. The system works extremely well and I only need to refocus if the temperature changes by more than 2 degrees C.


I use CCD Soft for capturing the image and running the electronics. Also Auto Guide Assist that is a plug in for CCD Soft, to show a graph for RA and Dec adjustments. Then I use CCD Stack and Photoshop CS3 for processing.