IC 4765 (AGC 805)

IC 4765 (AGC 805)

This cluster of distance galaxies is dominated by the huge bright elliptical galaxy IC 4765 which is in Pavo  at a distance of about 200 MLY. This cluster of galaxies is part of the huge Pavo – Indus super cluster of galaxies.

The background appears blotchy due to extremely faint Milky Way cirrus dust.

F.O.V.   25 x 25 minutes of arc.

Telescope.  16 Inch F 4.5. Newtonian.

Camera   S Big ST4000 XCM OSC CCD.

Exposures and Dates.  15 x 600sec + 13 x 900sec +15 x 900sec.

July 2011, Sept 2013,July 2017.

Location.   (Wiruna)  Ilford N.S.W.