NGC 4027 (Arp 22)

NGC 4027  (Arp 22)

NGC 4027 is a barred spiral galaxy at a distance of 83 MLY in Corvus. It is identified as a peculiar galaxy because one of its arms extends out further than the others, most probably due to a gravitational effect of a smaller galaxy in the distance past.

NGC 4027 is close and part of the NGC 4038 group of galaxies that contains the famous Antennae Galaxy. NGC 4027 is very active with hot blue stars as the colour shows, also plenty of red H11 regions scattered across the galaxy.

Cropped to 75% of the 25 x 25 min of arc F.O.V.

Telescope.  16 Inch F 4.5 Newtonian.

Camera.  S Big ST4000 XCM OSC CCD.

Exposure and Date.  12 x 900sec.   March 2017.

Location.  (Wiruna) Ilford N.S.W.