NGC 4410.

NGC 4410.

A very interesting field of galaxies in Virgo.

NGC 4411 (left) and NGC 4411B (right) are 2 face on spirals at a distance of about 50 MLY.

Below are 4 interacting galaxies NGC 4410, 4410A, 4410B, 4410C, also known as Markarian 1325 and are at a much greater distance of around 340 MLY.

NGC 4424 is at the bottom right of image and is a member of of the Virgo cluster of galaxies.There are Abell clusters and many faint tiny distant galaxies scattered across this dynamic field.

F.O.V.   40 x 40 min of arc.

Telescope.   Orion Optics UK AG12.

Camera.   S Big ST4000 XCM OSC CCD.

Exposure and Date.  32 x 600 sec.   April, May 2022.

Location.    (Wiruna)  Ilford N.S.W.