NGC 4526 & NGC 4535.

NGC 4526 & NGC 4535.

NGC 4526 is classed as a lenticular galaxy in Virgo at a distance of about 55 MLY. Lenticular galaxies are a category that lies somewhere between spirals and ellipticals.

NGC 4535 is a barred face-on spiral galaxy also in Virgo with clearly defined arms. The Cepheid variables in this galaxy, studied by the Hubble Space Telescope estimate a distance of about 52 MLY.

As in all fields in Virgo, there are numerous faint background galaxies.

F. O. V.   40 x 40 min of arc.

Telescope.   Orion Optics UK AG12.

Camera.    S Big ST4000 XCM OSC CCD.

Exposure and Date.   15 x 600 sec.   June 2020.

Location.    (Wiruna) Ilford N.S.W.