M 20 (The Trifid nebula)

M 20   (Trifid  Nebula)

M20 is a bright emission nebula surrounded by blue reflection nebulosity. Dark fingers of obscuring dust dissect the nebula into 3 prominent sections, hence the name. A rare example of the 3 types of nebulosity on the one object.

M20 is in the constellation of Sagittarius at a distance of 5,200 light years and a star forming region in the Scutum spiral arm of the Milky Way.

F.O.V.   44 x 44 min. of arc.

Telescope.    10 Inch F 4.0 Newtonian

Camera.   S Big ST4000 XCM OSC CCD.

Exposure and Date.   12 x 600 sec. +  15 x 600 sec.  Aug 2015, Sept 2018.

Location.   (Wiruna)  Ilford N.S.W.