M 45 (Merope Nebula)

M 45  (Merope Nebula)

The Merope  Nebula is a diffuse reflection nebula in the Pleiades star cluster, surrounding the 4th magnitude star Merope.

The Pleiades are in the constellation of Taurus and at a distance of 440 light years. By random circumstances the star

cluster is ploughing  through the dust cloud and  this dust cloud is not the remains of the gas cloud that the star cluster ( M 45 )

formed from as once thought.

F.O.V.   44 x 44 min of arc.

Telescope.   10 Inch F 4.0 Newtonian.

Camera.   S Big ST4000  XCM OSC CCD.

Exposure and Date.   15 x 600 sec.  Nov 2018

Location.   (Wiruna)  Ilford N.S.W.