NGC 3199

NGC 3199

NGC 3199 is an emission nebula in Carina at a distance of about 12,000 light years. The near complete ring is lopsided with a much brighter section to the left of the image.

Near the centre of the ring is a hot, massive Wolf-Rayet star that generates an intensive stellar wind and creates very interesting and unusual shapes. There is fainter unrelated background nebulosity scattered through out the field of view.

F.O.V.    44 x 44 minutes of arc.

Telescope.   10 Inch F 4.0 Newtonian.

Camera.    S Big ST4000 XCM OSC CCD.

Exposure and Date. 15 x 600 sec.   May 2019.

Location.   (Wiruna) Ilford N.S.W.