NGC 346 (SMC) (Tucana)

NGC 346

NGC 346 (middle) is the brightest star forming region in the Small Magellanic Cloud. The massive stars within the cluster have produced this wispy emission, reflection nebulosity into unusual shapes.  NGC 371 (Bottom right) is a smaller and diffused star cluster surrounded by glowing reflection nebulosity.

NGC 330 (top left) is one of the many star clusters across the SMC. The whole area is littered with faint patches of red nebulosity.

F.O.V.    44 x 44 min of arc.

Telescope.    10 Inch F4.0  Newtonian.

Camera.    S Big ST4000  XCM OSC CCD.

Exposures.    12 x 600 sec.+ 15 x 600 sec.   Nov. 2015.   Dec 2018.

Location.    (Wiruna)  Ilford   N.S.W.