Leo Trio (M65,M66,NGC3628)

Leo Trio. (M65,M66,NGC 3628.

The Leo Trio is a small group of galaxies in Leo at a distance of 35 MLY.

M65 (top right) M66 (bottom right) NGC 3628 (left)

These 3 galaxies appear to show distortions due to their gravitational interactions.

                                 Two Frame Mosaic.

F.O.V.   40 x 63 min of arc.

Telescope.   Orion Optics UK AG12.

Camera.   S Big ST4000 XCM OSC CCD.

Exposure and Date.   (2) 15 x 600 sec.  May 2019.

Location.   (Wiruna) Ilford N.S.W.